Is that so wrong?

4 days after telling my mother that I want to marry, buy a house, and have kids, I woke up to three missed calls at 5:54a.m. …

Each time I walked along the Seawall, I would think to myself ‘this is what they must put in the brochures to convince everyone that Vancouver is the most livable city in the world’.

After all, this picture would certainly have me convinced.

Photo Credit: Rosaline Oh

Tomorrow, I leave this city for another…

Twice I’ve “returned home”, only to find that my home had been left behind on the adventure I just finished.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

The first time was after I returned from my first 9 months living abroad, in southern China. Today, I want to speak about my second experience of homesickness.

My heart was still trekking in the highlands.

I lived…

Travel. Canada. Outdoors.

Wild swimming in Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Yup, I did that. (Photo credit to the author)

Oh boy, was it cold.

By the time I saw the first glimpse of the turquoise water, sweat was gathering in my every crevice. We had hiked for hours to get to the lake.

Our group comprised of novice hikers, led by the one expert who carried the burden of…

A solo rappel down a rockface.

It was all fun and games until I had to rappel down this.

You know how photos always under-represent the steepness? Yeah, exactly. Credit: Rosaline/author

AllTrails told me this was a ‘Moderate’ trail. Moderate, my ass.

I am a robust hiker. Short height and slight build never kept me from attempting some tough trails. …

Hunting fossils on Kilve Beach, Somerset, England.

Credit: Rosaline Oh/author

Sara parked us at the end of the unpaved road. This was the longest drive we had been on together in our new friendship. Given the state of Sara’s car, we had been only 85% sure it would take us to our destination, but we arrived in one piece.



A winter hike up Mt Vedder in Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Credit: Rosaline Oh/author

Winter hikes always take me by surprise. The cold, the short daylight, and the relative isolation increase both the risk and the sense of adventure.

I donned my new microspikes, eager to test them on a proper trail for the first time.

Jin’s car was not equipped to tackle the…

Idyllic gondola ride through Yangtze River near Lijiang, Yunnan, China.

Credits: Rosaline Oh/author

Water flowed lazily by our wooden raft. Even the hot air seemed gentler and more forgiving down this river.

Nothing much was happening. All we did was float, sip our drinks, watch the world glide by at the river’s pace, and make unimportant conversation with each other.

I was on…

Day 1 of a solo road trip to Sunshine Coast, BC

Credits: Rosaline Oh/author

April turned a sharp corner. My province seemed eager to go through a spring cleaning and a wardrobe change.

Temperature skyrocketed within the span of a week. Vancouver blossomed from a dreary 7 degrees Celsius to a breezy 22 degrees with sunshine as far as the eyes could see. Blossoms…

A dusk hike up Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England.

The tor on the hill, in the distance. I took this photo on the relatively ordinary trail to the hill.

Long considered a magical place by locals, the unofficial website with the very official web address introduces this site as such:

Glastonbury Tor is home to Gwyn ap Nudd, King of the Fairies.

All I cared was that this “tor” — or tower on the hill — happened to be…

Rosaline Oh

An unlikely adventurer and slow travelling nomad. Discovering self in the great outdoors.

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