Work-in-Progress: A Dream that’s Crazy Enough to Work

So, I have a dream.

At its core, the dream is about changing the world for the better.

But, what is ‘better’? ‘Better’ from whose point of view? ‘Better’ than what? Is it better only now, or could it be a sustainable improvement?

I will found a benevolent property and infrastructure development firm that creates jobs and homes in cities of emerging economies.

This is an inadequate description of my dream, but it will do for now. Let’s dissect what this truly means:

So, it’s just a property development business? Big whoop. That’s nothing new.

The underlying implications of my dream are ambitious and far-reaching. It aims to first challenge capitalism and profit-making as a economic construct, and then challenge federal governments as political bodies of control, and eventually change how humanity behaves.

We’re only looking at the tip of the iceberg. Even I don’t know what’s hiding at the bottom.
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